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6 quan tâm

TIỂU SỬ Yurisangja

Yurisangja:Park Seung-jin,Lee Se-jun .* Yurisangja (1997): �Innocent Love�, �Glass Shoes�, �White Oak�, �Like Me�* Searching Happiness (1998): �First Bestowed Love�, �A Beautiful World�, �Early Christmas Evening�, �Being Late�, �A Little Dream of Baby Bird�, �Toy top� * Be Happy (1999): �To My Bride�, �My Prayer�, �Be Happy�, �Morning Without You�* Home (2000): �If You Ask Me�, �When It Rains�, �I Love School�, �Hope� * Sinavro (2001): �May I Love You�, �To Each Other�, �Rainy Night�, �Two Men Story�* Favorite (2002): �My Love�, �Once Upon a Time�, �The End of Love� * Family (2003): �Love and Regret�, �Go Back�, �Still�, �Amelie�, �Please�, �The Way I Live�* Vol.7 (2003)* Vol.8 (2004)* Vol. 9 - A FEW GOOD MEN (2006)* Carol Album (2007)* Vol. 10 - All That Yurisangja (2008)