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I’m just like the women Who stand next to you and stare Sweet intoxication But I’m leaving this affair You lit up my daydreams Like so many other guys Don’t you look so lonely There’s no sorrow in goodbye What women want are some simple pleasures To be special We don’t need you forever But I fell for your trap Girls will fall like that I was floating on a breeze What you must be feeling It was too late yesterday Despite your deceiving It was me who had my way But women always attempt to tell lies And to disguise, conceal what we want So when I try to deceive won’t you believe, Or say that you forgive me Cause the fault lies with you and the things you do Don’t tell me that I’m wrong So I’ll try to make this break but I can’t escape I’m too far into you Though I know (though I know) Our time has come (nothing lasts) When you say (when you say) ”I still love you” (I love you), I think... Don’t leave me alone here I’m lonely without you near No lies, tricks or deception, These words speak my affection Hey boy, those were just lies Now I’ll say my goodbye


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